Does the TotalQueue software require internet service?

The TotalQueue software does not require internet service. We do require that all PC components be connected locally via cable LAN or WIFI LAN.

Do you provide the source codes for the TotalQueue Software?

We do not provide our client the source codes to our software. The TotalQueue software license is for software use only.

What can we do with the demo software version that is available for free download?

The TotalQueue software available online for download is a complete and fully functioning Customer Queue Management software, we only added warnings on various sections of the software that this is not allowed for commercial usage. A valid license key will remove all warnings from the software.


What are the skills needed to install the TotalQueue software?

The installation process for the software TotalQueue requires some basic network administration skills:
 - ability to retrieve the MAC address of a PC
 - ability to find the IP Address of a PC / Device
 - able to connect a web browser to a local LAN IP address
 - able to set up a PC with a dual monitor

What are the hardware equipments needed for the TotalQueue system?

Our software uses regular off-the-shelf hardware equipments. These are PC computers, laptops, tablets, POS printers, LED TV, LED Monitors, etc. You can see a list of typical equipments here.


What is your warranty period for the TotalQueue Software?

Upon purchase of a software license key, we provide 30 days warranty, after which time we can provide email support and remote assistance support as needed. Since our software is provided as a free download for the users to fully test and configure, most, if not all, support issues should have been addressed and fixed before the actual license purchase.

How do you fix any software issues?

We provide support via email assistance instructions at We can also provide remote assistance using if needed and as required.

What is your resolution time for support issues?

We generally respond to support issues within 1 business day, our business hours are Philippine Time GMT +8:00, Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


How much does your software license cost?

Our TotalQueue software license prices can be seen here. This is a onetime payment fee for a
perpetual usage license on a single PC machine.

Is you software license fee a one-time payment fee?

Yes our software license fee is a one-time fee. There is absolutely no other charge for our software usage after payment of the license fee.

Do you provide software upgrade?

You are free to download the TotalQueue software from our website, which should contain our latest version. If you have previously purchased a license key, it can still be used with the latest software version published in our website. Please note that reinstallation of the TotalQueue software could cause lost of all current queue data, and all custom settings and configurations might be reset, so you will need to input the settings again.

Can I change my license key from one version to the other?

No, please note all license key purchases are final, cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged for another software version. We provide fully functional demo software for you to test out the functionalities and thoroughly evaluate before you decide to purchase the specific license type.

*For Business Version only, we can add extra Client/Teller Access License at US$ 150.00 each. We will need to generate a custom set of license key and passcode.

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